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Artist Statement

Pattern, texture, and color... they are what I notice when I travel, walk through nature, make wardrobe decisions, and especially when I’m making my work. I am fascinated by how these three things can be indicators of geographic location, culture, and individuality.  


My work is developed through material investigation, using intuition and memory to guide pattern, texture and color decisions in ceramics, fibers and painting. I am interested in how a range of media are able to capture my handwork and reveal differences and intersections between these hard and soft forms. 

DSC04386 copy.jpg


Kayla Bol grew up in the small town of Chetek, Wisconsin. Atypical of most kids, she had the unique opportunity to travel the world throughout her adolescent years and into adulthood, visiting eighteen countries. These experiences have informed Kayla’s approach to exploring the potentials of ceramics, fibers and painting and how they intertwine. While attaining her BFA at UW Madison, she had the opportunity to study with ceramicists Gerit Grimm, Dara Hartman and Brian Kluge; weaver Marianne Fairbanks; and painters Leslie Smith III, TL Solien, Nancy Mladenoff, and Suzanne Truman. She has exhibited her work in galleries around Wisconsin, including: Joel Hayden Salter Art Gallery - Rice Lake, Art Lofts Gallery - Madison, 7th Floor Gallery - Madison, The Main Gallery in Memorial Union - Madison, and Solo Exhibition in CIVA’s 212 Gallery - Madison.

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